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Gen 4 Foglights out of an 2011 Regal?

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Well I was looking at the new 2011 Regal the thing really does look slick. Then I saw the OE fog lamps and they look like they have the proper turn down to properly fit on the ends of our bumper grill. I will do a bit more research, but this is probably the closest thing I have found next to the small OE Toyota lamps.

2011 Regal:

2000 Camry:
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Hmmm. They look a little too tall if that makes sense. You'd have to trim quite a bit and with that horizontal bar in the bumper I dont know if it would look right.....

But good spot! I say find a picture of a front-on Regal and photoshop the lights on a camry haah
I know this thread was for the gen 4, but I thought I'd hijack it.

Saw this today on my buddys car and thought maybe it would fit a gen 3?

Talking about the fog lights here.
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