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Thank you guys for waiting.. The Gearbox Lighting DIY is here..


First of all you need to remove the "wood" cover around the HVAC and the audio/video head unit..

Once you pull it off, you need to unplug the 2 connector behind the cigarrette lighter and the connector to the right which is a bulb..

When you do this, take off the "wood" cover completely..

Now take off this rubber thingy.. You won't need it there..

Now, you'll have to unplug the connector for the additional 12V power source.. I'm not sure if all Gen 4's have this.. If you don't, just move on..

Now put your gear in the 'N' to make your job easier.. Put your fingers slightly below the "wood" gearbox cover and start pulling it up in the spots marked with arrows.. It will come loose...

This black cover is part of the "wood" gearbox cover.. It will all come out together.. Once you're done, remove the gearbox cover completely..

Now your gearbox should look something like this..

So far, so good..?? OK.. Let's continue.. What you need to do now is unscrew that little fellow marked in the picture above.. The picture below is a close-up...

That's the only screw you need to unscrew.. hehe.. Now, you'll also need the screwdriver for the next step..

Put the screwdriver below this part of the black gearbox cover and use it to gently pull the cover up..

Once you do this, grab this part of the black gearbox cover and gently pull up.. You will feel that the black cover is not attached to the tranny itself anymore..

At this point, you'll need to find your way of pulling the whole black gearbox cover up as much as you can.. You don't need to take it off completely, I'm not sure you can either.. haha..

Once you pull it up, you'll see this two "brackets" that are holding "something" belowe the black gearbox cover..

Press this two "brackets" and push them down to take off the part we need..

From below the black gearbox cover, this part will come out..

This plastic thing is what takes the light from the bulb to the letters in the gearbox..

If you turn this part around you'll see a cable.. Just twist the end and pull..

And there you go.. Here's the bulb.. It should have a little green cover on it..

Now you can do one of this two things:

1. Replace the stock bulb with a new bulb of any color you like..

2. Take the plastic thing that takes the light from the bulb to the letters and you can either paint it with the color you choose or cover it with a color/clear material..

Once you're done, just put everything back together and you're all set.. hehe..

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.. I hope this helps..


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Super job man! This is the last light I need to convert. I got as far as undoing the screw but I couldnt get to the bulb. Now i should be able to do it!! Thanks a bunch. I vote for a mega interior lighting sticky :naughty:

btw: cut your finger nails :lol:

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BrianOwens said:
Sweet, definatley Sticky material.

My shifter looks the same in my 03 camry. Can i do the same with my car?
I think the way to get to the bulb should be the same then..

But you should research on how to take the gearbox cover off because the dash itself is different..

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I finnaly get the box undone and it is different than the one pictured. Mine uses a 194 bulb and is just a funnel type piece going up to the gear letters. I put a white LED in place but it still is a little green.

Is this cuzz i have a gen 4? Are the 4.5s different?

Or are the Aussie versions diff?

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#74 bulb

that goes for your glovebox, climate control, and key ring
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