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I just purchased a '99 Camry LE. There is one thing that keeps bothering me about the interior, and maybe many of you guys have this same problem. My camry and every other Gen 4 I've seen has the same problem. The Power Windows button panel on the driver and passenger doors seem to not fit nicely. They pop-out of the door panel
The door panel doesnt stick well with the power windows buttons and instead it sticks out. It seems like they were not glued right or somethin.
Does anybody here have a solution for this problem? I was thinking of gluing down the button panel to the door panel. Has anyone done this? What glue should I use.


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Don't have that problem on mine... 'course its the XLE:D Sorry, had to get my smartass out of the way for the day...

I wouldn't glue it, what happens in 5 years when the switch breaks... buy a new door panel? Mine is solid, so I ain't messin' with it, but I would pull it out and look at how it is supposed to be attatched factory, maybe something is broken, or just not installed right.
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