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Gen 4 rim offset

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Hey does anyone know what size of rims would fit on a 1999 camry? im not sure about the offset on the rims i have but they rub on the rear fender and its really annopying so im looking for a new set...does anyoneknow if 18"x8, 5x114.3, +40mm offset would fit without rubbing? if not what range would be good to use and will not result in rubbing? :headbang:
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with 8" wheels your prolly gonna need a lower offset then that to get them to fit. check out the "lets talk offsets" thread in the general camry discussion stickies.
Oh alrite thanks, i was hating the rims i much rubbing without my system and i cudnt deal with it again this year:S
shave or roll ur fenders.. its cheaper than getting an entire set of wheels.. ALOT cheaper. LOL!
LOL yes i know its alot cheaper but ive had the same rims for 4years now, and on top of that i get pulled over on a weekly basis cuz i look 'suspicious' as a young guy driving around in a black camry with chrome rims:( so i think some black rims would be a nice change:)
oooh here-

18x8 +30 in front
18x8 +20 in rear
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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