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gen 4 to 4.5 front end conversion is under way!

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Well, ive finally gathered all the parts for the Gen 4.5 front end conversion! Ive got today off! so im doing to do it! Even though its about 25*F outside, ive got my gloves, space heater and a tool set! So im all ready!

Dont worry everyone, im taking LOTS of pictures so ill be able to make another Dark-LE's special DIYs!! (finally :D)

Well, im off! Ill be back here if i have any questions about wiring!!
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good luck, post before, as and confused and done pics!
When you're done, PM me or something. Maybe we can do a photoshoot together although it is going to snow a crapload.
im debating on doing that to my car... what is all needed be sides bumber, lights, hood?? fenders?
awesome dudE! cant wait till you have finished :)
FDFL3131 said:
im debating on doing that to my car... what is all needed be sides bumber, lights, hood?? fenders?

Nope just Bumper and lights, and a slight modification to the radiator support (because the gen 4.5 lights are slightly different) But you will have to re-wire your head light wires..... there is a DIY here on TN to do it.:thumbup:
Well eveyone its done!! Its was tough doing it alone, let alone it was less than 30*F out...It looks nice, i still have to adjust my headlights, but other than that its nice.

When i finished i said one thing.... SH*T I FORGOT TO GET A GRILL! :lol::lol::lol: But anywho, this is what your going to need:

Gen 4.5 Front bumper cover (Ebay for $80)
Gen 4.5 Headlights (Random prices online)
Gen 4.5 Corner Lights (approx $40 shipped ProCarParts)
9005 and 9006 headlights
9005 and 9006 headlight harnesses ($20 for all 4 from AutoZone)

Here is a quick rundown of what i did before i make a DIY

I pulled out all the old parts, bumper, corner lamps and headlamps.
I needed to do loads of dremeling to the area where the headlights mount, because of different mounting areas and adjustment rods.
I wired in the new headlight harnesses (very simple i didnt use any relays or anything, just a common ground and used the high/low wires from the old harnesses.
Next i wired in my halo lights (cause my headlights had them) into the corner lights to turn on when the corners were on.
Installed the new headlights, corner lighst and bumper.... forgetting the front grill :hammer:

Its pretty simple in theory, but its just a pain when your actually doing it! But still... it can be done, and i love it!!!
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Ohh this is fantastic! I can't wait to see the pics.

Congrats on the conversion. Your camry will look a whole lot better.:) :thumbup: :smokin:
good luck:thumbup:

i saw ur cd and i see u got eyelids also:thumbup: but i can still say i was the first gen 4 camry with eyelids:D :lol:

are u going to put eyelids on ur new headlights also???
ahhh soo many copies of my car, amazing aint it?
Trdkamuri510 said:
ahhh soo many copies of my car, amazing aint it?

its more like a copy of the gen 4.5 camry:lol:
lucanhookup said:
its more like a copy of the gen 4.5 camry:lol:

yep and its the same reason why my TRD front wont be loaned out to be copied... unless yall are gon pay 450 a pop lol...
Its gonna be hot...
Trdkamuri510 said:
ahhh soo many copies of my car, amazing aint it?
This attitude is one of the reasons I'm glad I sold my Camry :thumbup:
^^^^^ Feeling the same way.....

Just because someone want to copy anothers idea, you shouldn't be smug about it.... you should be flattered that you did somthing cool enough that others would like to copy. If you don't want people to copy you, don't put out a DIY or if someone askes "how did you do that"...just tell them you would rather not discuss it.

its really do a 97-99 to 00-01 not like doing a jdm acura integra front end conversion...ya know? like how much like 5 to 10 people to do this....camry conversion...worldwide...again remeber our camrys are really considered old folks cars in the import scene....adn again consider that is worldwide...very very few conversions done...camry apose to like 15 or more jdm conversions done on hondas/acuras in your local city...just something to think about...let me know if i am wrong or what not......i am sorry if i misread the post or anything...props for the conversion..
Well here is a teaser picture till i make the DIY
Dont hate because im missing the grill!! Ill get one in soon!!
Its my gen 4.25!
And yes, THAT IS SNOW ON THE GROUND! It was freaking cold out when i did the conversion!:lol:

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Nice job bro... Props...
Beautiful job !!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Don't worry about the grill. Still looks liek the shizznit ! :smokin: Eager to see the complete pics.
looks good, awaiting better pics in time!
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