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Gen 5 Audio

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Who here has replaced the OEM speakers in the 5th Gen Cam?
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I can't believe I have to bump this....

No one here changed speakerS?
Which ones? The front comps or rears? both? The mids in the door and 6x9's in the rear should be pretty simple. I'm not sure about the tweets mounted in the dash though. Maybe Kgasso or somebody else can ring in and help ya out.

Here's a shot of Mach_y's ICE
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NOOOOOOO Eric why did you move my thread....I posted there cause it gets more traffice :(

Phi I'm more concerned about the ones in the dash...I don't even know what size they are.....
OK So i go on car domain and see some nice GEN5s...but I'm wondering if you can contact the owner via email? (i don't have an account)
I have some old pics I took for someone a while back...

Stock in-dash tweet:

The in-dash tweeters are 4" from mounting hole to mounting hole. You're going to have a hard time finding anything decent to fit in there, though...


Stock front-door 6x9:

You can definitely replace these, you just need to take the whole mounting ring off and then remove the speaker.

To get the door panel off, remove the screw cap near the front of the door (in the indented portion where it meets the dash) and unscrew. Pull the rubber bottom out of the pocket in the door, remove that screw too. Pull out/disconnect the wires from this plastic pocket piece. Then carefully pop the piece of plastic inside the door handle (pull the door handle/lever out, the "backing" piece behind that) out and remove that screw. A few plastic clips, then lift the door off, and you're good.


I just realized I don't have any pics of the rear speakers. To get at them, you'll need to fold down the back seats, and if I remember correctly, remove the side seat supports (padding left on the sides after the seats are folded down). They're held in by a bolt at the bottom, then give them a nice push up to remove. Then you'll want to unclip the 3rd brake light and unplug it. Two more white plastic snap-in clips under the back deck (above the trunklid's torsion bars), then pull the back deck cover out up/toward the front of the car to remove... and there are your stock rear speakers.

You'll be really limited to what you can do by only utilizing the stock speaker config in the Gen5... if you want anything that sounds outstanding and is staged properly, you'll definitely need to go custom.

I have some pics somewhere (can't find them now) of my current setup... 4" midrange and 1" tweeters in the dash, 8" midbass in sealed fibeglass enclosures in the door. With the door cover on and the grilles on the dash, it looks bone stock. Let me tell you from experience, I found it easier to custom fabricate mounts for the dash speakers than to try to make things work just using what would fit.

If you have any questions, hit me up in here or PM me...
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Thanks for the great info, do you have the JBL system? Since your stock speaker is JBL.

And also i was hoping for some pics and instruction to remove the in dash tweeters.......

But thanks for the info anyways, it helps alot!
Yeah, it's the amplified JBL one-disc system...

To be honest, I forget exactly what was involved in the dash tweets (been a while), but I believe they were just two bolts to remove and lift it out, after the grille is popped off.
i like that, no ripping apart of the dash...
I just bought polk audio ex369 6x9 for the back, and infinity 6000cs 6 1/2 components for the front. Does anyone know how to fit the components for the front?
i made a custom mount. i have boston acoustic rc620's all the way around. what i did was cut out the speaker itself, and used the plastic trim from the stock speaker. i used a 2 inch peice of metal and used that to brace the tweeter.
Hey homie can you provide some pictures on how you did it? Cause im confused how to make a 6 1/2 fit where a stock 6x9 went.
Hey homie can you provide some pictures on how you did it? Cause im confused how to make a 6 1/2 fit where a stock 6x9 went.
Trace out the 6x9 bracket onto a piece of MDF(3/4" or 1" depending on depth of speaker)cut it out ,then cut out hole for the 6.5 driver.Before installing the whole unit back on the door,get some baffles to keep water off the driver(either plastic or foam)stick them in the hole then screw down ur driver to the MDF.Also u might want to put some sounddeadening on the back side of the new MDF baffle,this is to prevent water damage to the MDF itself.

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