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Gen 5 Fog Lights

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Has anybody installed the fog lights on a generation 5 LE 4 cyl?
The front end just doesn't look good without them...just a place for dead bugs to dry up.
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i agree.
yeah, it does look better with the foglights :D
i reckon that goes the same for any Camry for that matter ;)

it shouldnt been too hard to install them....but i personally would go to the dealer and get them to do it :p:, im too much of an idiot to do it myself :lol:
if you get them to do it, you should make sure they give you the switch which is on the indicator lever and also install the little light in your dashboard which tell you that they are on :thumbup:

good luck :)
i think the reason it looks ugle without them is cause theres the outline for them on the bumper, so it seems like somthin is missing.
Fog Lights... do they sell a kit that would have everything in it to look factory?
Check ebay. THe fog housing is always there...the relay and switches can come off a junker..or if you can just got to a autoshop and buy won't look OEM from inside..btu it will have a swith and will be WAY CHEAPER!
^ that's how my dad's used Gen5 was done. Jaspher, the previous owner did a great job :thumbup:
the harness should be there already.....
Yes, the harness is there, but you will have to buy the 'stalk'.....seems like they wanted over $100 for it at the dealer. I put in a PILOT AUTOMOTIVE kit that comes with almost everything. (Wiring, relay, lamps, and lighted rocker switch) If you get it, you'll have to dremel out the holes for the lamps. Look on the inside of the bumper, and you'll see an outline for the hole. What I did was just follow the FLAT part on the outside of the bumper (Recessed area) making little adjustments afterward to insure a tight/factory looking fit. I also made some "L" brackets to hang the lamps from to secure them in place. (Theres a hole in the frame directly above the lamp to bolt the bracket to.) I scuffed up the inside of the bumper, and the lamp housing and put epoxy around them on the inside, then used marine grade silicone (Non-yellowing) to put a bead around them on the the outside to keep out water. They look and work great, and I have not had any problem with them for over a year now. DO NOT BUY FROM AUTOTRIX!!! Absolute A holes!!! Wont back product etc....Insisted that all '03 LE Camry's have the holes already in the bumper (Like I cant see my own car) Sent me pictures of a corolla front end.... Punk on the phone (Customer service) actually said "Funny, we have lots of GIRL customers and THEY can put them on without cutting anything".....Ahhh!!!Sorry for the rant.
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Send an personal email to them AUTOTRIX saying that they suck and that they should hire college graduates and not high school dropouts.
Yeah,...We went back and forth for awhile:disappoin The thing is that I was just tryin to inform them that the lamps were NOT "Plug and play" as advertised. I even had the manufacturer involved (On my side) I had to fabricate the bracket to hold them in and of course the fact that the holes had to be cut. It wasnt even a problem really. I didnt ask for my money back or anything. I knew (Obviously) I'd have to cut the bumper out beforehand. But I found out later about having to make my own brackets to hold them in (Which they also insisted were on my car) I advised "THE BOSS" (as he was refered to) to actually visit a Toyota dealer and ask them to point out which of the shiney cars was a Camry so he could see for himself. About a week went by and he sent an e-mail that said only "Please return lamps for full refund, minus shipping and re-stock fees"......No apology, nothing.
<insert pile of crap icon>
Great story Mctoy.... LMAO
Toyota could sell alot of accessory fog light kits if they made it a little easier to install.
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