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I've done all the searches for this and some may have this same problem scenario, but in more detail. so here goes: two days ago in the morning, driving to work, my "Lights" light on my dash came on. Got out to check and found all of them working still. I ran some tests and found out the dash light comes on when i step on the brake. tonight, went out to check and turns out one of the four (not include the higher mounted "3rd brake light") blew finally... it was working fine in all cases (parking light, braking, etc) it just finally blew tonight.... If you look at the rear, its the 2nd one from the left. so, with all that said, i changed it. Dash light still there...

went to walmart, and i had my friend check for me in the lot. turns out the situation unravelled this way:

0) tested w/o turning on ignition, turned on parking lights, then off. all is fine.
1) started car, tested parking lights on and off, then on. all is fine.
2) stepped on the brake. about 1 sec later, dash light comes on.
3) friend tells me that one of my lights wont turn off as i released the brake. i know the brake lights use 1157 bulbs which are dual filaments. (one on for parking, two for braking) The damn thing wont shut off!!!! so it just looks like i have my parking lights on, but one is brighter than the others. this is why the "Lights" light is still on. Dont know if other people have realized this, or saw this change.

So, is this a short?? I don't see how... no split wires anywhere, everything is wrapped in a plastic loom. also, the plastic tail light cover is getting really hot as i drove home tonight. due to the fact that the brake light stays on.. this bulb is not going to last long either...

please, anyone got any ideas?

also, another thing is that, if i turn off the parking lights, and then step on the brake, that same bulb is dimmer than the others! but, it stays off (since my parking lights are off) when i release the brake this time. i did all this at night so i can judge the intensity better. so, i guess i will be fine as long as i drive only during the day!

thanks in advance.

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my guess is all your lights are nearing to blow out it's just that they are getting weak causing an flux in power conspumtion making the check light turn on.

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Replace all 4 of the dual filament bulbs with good sylvania bulbs and your problem should go away. Make sure they are inserted correctly.

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