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gen2 swaybar

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anyone know of a front and/or rear swaybar(s) available for the gen2?
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Glad to see your back in the tuning mood:)

A broom handle and some ducked tape worked for me:D j/k

I'll search around and see what I can find. If not, you may be able to custom order one.
Whiteline makes them, you can get them at
search for swaybars and you will see that there has been plenty of discussions on the issue....

but what jackfrost has said, whiteline make them, and CTM sell them. i'm down under so i bought the rear sway straight from whiteline themselves.

if you get both front and rear you'll have a neutral driving feel, my reccomendation would be to just get the rear and a front strut brace...

Edit: i meant front strut brace not sway bar
Get the rear sway bar, you really won't need to get the front bar.

Instead of getting a front sway bar, get a front strut tower brace from Ebay.

With shipping, they run appox $20.
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Yea man the best set up is the front strut bar and rear sway bar. You'll notice a nice difference. I have the Whiteline rear sway and front strut myself and it's great.

Good luck to you! :)
i got the front strut bar on my gen2. i noticed a difference, planning to get the rear sometime later
i already have the front strut tower brace. i notice a difference in cornering.
if u want to be really cheap u can get a factory toyota strut bar...u can get it off any ES250...but i don't feel any difference with it on...
do i need to purchase the $133 bushings off of ctmotorsport or just the swaybar?
just the bar but you'll wait to get the new bushings polyurathane is better than rubber
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