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Did you ever intend to get a solara strut brace? Can't remember if you mentioned it in the restoration or not...

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I tried an experiment on my winter car (Gen3 4 cyl. AT), with an aftermarket strut brace because a Solara brace won't fit under the hood of a Gen3.

This fits just fine, and was so cheap it was definitely worth a try:

I drove it hard both with and without the brace and could not feel any difference. And that is on a rusty winter car.

Is a Strut Brace Worth It?

“Yes! You need a strut brace. Trust me! You’ll feel it working!”


“No! A strut brace is a worthless piece of eye candy. I couldn’t feel anything!”

Source: Is a Strut Brace Worth It? - Bimmerworld News, Projects & Tech

So, I haven't bothered to try it on my restored Gen3.
Note that I have added the agility welds to all of the openings on my restored Camry and that seems to have made the body far more rigid than it ever had been before. At least it feels like there is less body flex now than there ever had been. The nice thing about agility welds is they don't cost anything but time, to add.

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