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gen3 SE stabilizer bar?

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I got to talking about rear swaybar upgrades with my dad tonight, after he took my car to his dealership for an inspection (and cause hes a nice guy he threw in new rear sway bar bushings... it's soooo quiet back there now... ). He's not as up on upgrading Camrys as I am, so I was telling him about the Whiteline upgrade that some of you have done.

After going back anf forth about it, he suggested that perhaps I could try the gen3 SE sway bar, it is thicker than stock and is $50 through Toyota. I figure that's about 100 less than the Whiteline one, and since it's not gonna be an auto-x car or anything it'll be a cheap but good upgrade... so what do you guys think?

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If you plan to come near montreal, let me know, I have my old sway bar here and no future plans to use it anywhere
Mox thanks for the offer man, but the shipping and handling alone from Montreal to NY probably costs more than a new bar from Toyota...

The SE swaybar is only 18mm thick, compare to 17mm stock.

You have to get new bushings too, it won't be much of a difference but if you install it yourself I guess it won't be too bad.
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