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gen4 body kit

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I'm thinking about adding a body kit. How do you think an Extreme Front and Side Bumper with BW Rear Bumper would look like? I guess I would have to install a dual exhaust?
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take a look a drewscam's car. He's got a pretty hot lookin bodykit. what other mods do you have? Don't forget to use the search button also

almost forgot, welcome to TN
thanks mike

yo im like opposite i got black widow front and sides and the extreme rear

I didnt want black widow rear cause i didnt want the dual exhaust

heres some pics though

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paradizecityz is selling his front bumper. Hit him up on AIM.
thnx big body lx
yea do u have aim or any instant message, i am sellin my front bumper so i can talk to u about it...
thanks for the info
that is a sweet lookin cam you have, drew
I haven't put any interior or exterior mods on it as of yet, I'm just starting out
I will see about that bumper later, paradizecity
I'm gonna go check out some rims first, see if I am not completely broke after that :eek:
k but do u have any instant message so i can talk to u???
jookythenewb, just remember that you should take things slow. One thing before the next, otherwise you'll end up like me. Broke and unfinished projects:D
I'll try, war... :cool:
and paradize, you can email me at [email protected] if you want to contact
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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