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Gen4 HID Lighting

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ive got the 98 camry xle, and want HID lighting.
heres a few questions i have.

will the lighting melt my stock casings?
should i even keep my stock casings?
CAN i even BUY aftermarket housings, and if so, how about Projectors?
do i need to run projectors with HID lighting?
PLEASE!!!! I WANT HID!!!!!:confused:
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no the light will not melt your casing. HID is only 35W.

You may or may not need a new housing, but running HID without proper reflector or projector will cause glare.

No you don't need to have to have projectors to run with HID, but it is highly recommanded.

you can either get H4 hid kit or you can retrofit a set of OEM hid system into your housing.
^ agree

next time use the SEARCH button. This topic has been discussed many times and there are already ALOT of info to help you in deciding and where to go to get them.

Good luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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