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Gen5 V6 Auto Transmissions?

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I've got a 2004 Camry SE V6. It has the 3MZFE 3.3l V6 with the 4 speed auto with OD. I was wondering if the 2004 Solara V6 has the same transmission in it?

The reason being that the Solara came out with a dual gate shifter. You can use it as usual, or you can slide the stick over to the second gate and shift it like a manual with no clutch. I want one if the swap is possible. I need to know if it has the same transmission and which ecu's do I need if they are different between the two shifter set ups.

I saw the Solara shifter on the Toyota web site and now my mission is to get one installed on my ride. If any of you techies have any of the info, it would be much appreciated.

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if you're gonan do a tranny swap to get the tiptronic auto transmission, you mind as well do a swap to an actual manual tranny cause you wont gain anything other than the pleasure of shifting your own gears with a stick with a triptronic, it wont be any faster than a the auto you have now. with a manual tranny you can get the whole experience with a clutch and the power you gain from having a manual tranny
So you're saying that the Solara has a different transmission?

They both have the same 3.3l V6 3MZFE engine so I was hoping they had the same transmission.

I was hoping to get away with just changing the shifter and any ECU's that were neccessary.

They both have a 5spd auto transmission. Javalon had the PTS shiftronic installed in his avalon do a search for PTS Shiftronic.
Thanx, TRD Camry 2003

I did a search and read a bunch of articles. I guess the manual mode in the Solara is controlled by a different ECU than in a regular auto.

Meaning if I ordered the Solara ECU and shifter from the local Toyota dealer I could probably swap out my current shifter and ECU.

I believe there are 3 ECU's connected to the transmission. I'll ask for the part numbers for the Camry, and cross reference them with the Solara numbers. I'll pick up all the ECU's that are different.

First I'll check the local bone yards for a wrecked Solara. You never no what treasures you can find in a bone yard.

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