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DIY Links:

DIY: Broken Spark Plug Boot Removal Tool w/PICS!

DIY: Clock Color Conversion

DIY: Cold Cathode Trunk Light

DIY: Debadging Your Vehicle (video)

DIY: Gauge Needle Color Change

DIY: Power Inverter Stealth Mounted In Rear Cup Holder/Ash Tray

DIY: Shifter Lights Color Change

DIY: Stereo LED Color Change

DIY: TPMS Programming - Tool To Program Your Own TPMS Sensors

Headlight Aiming Rule Of Thumb

How-To Guide: Guide: Basic MacPherson Strut and Spring Install

How-To Guide: Removing and Painting a Valve Cover

Painting Rims -- Step-By-Step

DIY: Repair/Replace Power Outlets

Vehicle Information & Ownership:

*** Does my Toyota have a timing belt or a timing chain? ***

Toyota/Lexus/Scion: Chassis, Engine & Paint Codes for USA models

Decoding Your VIN

Explanation Of Your ID Plate/Label

What percentage of my vehicle was made in the US? In what Country was my engine and transmission made?

Headlight Bulb Info - Halogen, HID, HIR, Lumins, etc...

Headlight Temperature -- Explanation Of Light/Color In Terms Of Kelvin (6000K, 7000K, 9000K, etc.)

Street Legal: Need To Know If Your Ride Is Legal In Canada Or The U.S.?

Understanding The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (link to the Federal Trade Commission’s web site)

Tire Calculation: Figure Out The Best Profile For Your Ride

Toyota Vehicle Identification Chart

You Ain’t Nothin’ Without Your Roots -- Toyoda, Toyopet, Toyota....

Official Toyota Websites


Automobile Buying Tips From A Former Toyota Salesman

Automobile Systems Explained -- What The Heck Is Your Mechanic Talking About!

Want To Get Sponsored And Don’t Know How?

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Not open for further replies.