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Genuine Denso?

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Anyway to tell from the packaging if this is genuine Denso? The price is $39.00 on ebay, not a big seller, only item the seller has listed and US based.
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Well if your gonna roll the dice.. This one on Ebay is cheaper!
Considering that a known-legit Denso 234-9009 sells for $120 on Rockauto, I’d say for sure that’s a counterfeit.
I buy from Rockauto, not eBay and no longer on Amazon because rockauto vets their suppliers well.
Thanks for your opinions. The 39.00 is actually a starting bid.
eBay and Amazon is good for non-essential parts like bumper reinforcement (debatable), belt moldings, or window visors. Spark plugs, O2 sensors, or fuel injectors it is best or RockAuto, your local auto parts store, or the dealership (website).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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