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Geo vs Toyota speedometers

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Can anyone tell me whether or not Geo used the same speedometer head in their '93 Prizm as Toyota did in their '93 Corolla? I have always thought that the dashes were completely different, but I recently saw a picture of a '93 Corolla DX that leads me to believe that the parts are interchangeable. I don't need the complete instrument cluster, but rather just the speedometer head. Thanks
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I believe they are the same, since both were built on the same NUMMI assembly line.
The shape of the carrier is different but I'm not sure if the internals are the same or different.
I don't know if this helps...

I had a 98 Prizm base with tachometer-less gauge cluster; I pulled a cluster with tachometer and outside temp display from a junked 99 Corolla LE, took them both apart and put my original Prizm Speedometer/Odo into the Corolla's cluster, then installed it in my Prizm along with the Corolla's temperature sensor.

Worked perfect.
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