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Geolander MTs: Impressions after driving through snow...

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Well tonight was the first real test they got in the snow. Now they're a mud tire so obviously they aren't going to do that great out on a snow covered road. But still I was very surprised. They hold the road VERY well in 4 inches of semi wet powder. I had my truck in 4WD for the first 15 minutes of my 30 minute trip out because I was a little cautious. I decided to switch into 2WD and test them out. Surprisingly they did just as good in 2WD as they did in 4WD.

However, there are two things I noted while out. Be VERY VERY easy on the skinny pedal, even in 4WD. They like to spin the truck really easily. However, I got my truck up to 30 while no one was around and I felt very stuck to the road. Second, they absolutely SUCK for stopping. My ABS seems to be very sensitive with these tires now.

I also learned a very valuable lesson tonight. If you're going to decend down a snow covered hill on the road and drop your truck into L, make sure you're in 4WD drive because only the rear axle gets engine breaking applied. I was happily crawling down a rather steep hill when out of nowhere I felt my back end let go with absolutely NO throttle applied. Yet my front end had all the traction in the world.

All in all I'd give them an 8 out of 10. The stopping degradation with these over the stock rugged trails really kills them.
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