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Forewarning: I've never had a single problem with my CAI (not even a check engine light), but if you follow this thread and problems do occur on your vehicle, do not blame me! I am simply trying to display what I did and how you can do it too. Modify your vehicle at your own risk.

Alright guys, I just wanted to share where I got the parts for the CAI on my Camry because I've seen some full kits that go for $250-$300 and there is no need to pay that much. This is NOT a tutorial on how to remove and replace the stock intake with a CAI (I would, but I've had the mod done for quite a while and don't have pictures), I'm just giving materials. You can see what it looks like on the vehicle in my sig picture (larger version here)

A tutorial on how to remove and install a CAI on this vehicle can be found here. Of course, that is a slightly different setup, but it should be almost the exact same.

I have a '99 Camry with the 2.2l 5S-FE engine so this should fit similar engines without a problem.

First part you need is the actual intake tube itself. This kit comes with all necessary tubes and fittings for every sensor to plug into. The one I got came perfectly flawless and for only $17 it can't be beat. Granted, it is made out of aluminum so you may want to wrap it for better heat protection.

Second is the filter. I used a Spectre filter over a K&N simply for costs sake. This is a 6" long filter, but you can fit a longer one if you so please.

The last part needed is a coupler to adapt the intake tube to the throttle body. I do believe this is the exact one I used...

The total install time for me was a little over an hour, but I'm sure more experienced people could do it faster. The coupler and filter are available in a wide variety of colors so go explore them! There is enough room left around the filter and tube that you can build you own box for the filter if you want.

Notes: the IAT sensor fits kinda weird... it doesn't completely go into the tube, but it still works fine. Also, I had to use the grommet from the old IAT sensor to fit in the new tube, but you should be able to use a bit of thick hose (the sensor is too wide for the port on the tube).
Everything else is direct fit.
The coupler sags a little bit after some use, but that is normal and expected.

Let me know if there is something I should add!
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