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My old man has a buddy offing his 89 Celica ST for $200 and I can't pass it up. Motor has 112k on it, it runs decent, has some rust, needs the love, but whatever. I love cheap Toyotas, especially with such low mileage. It will make a fine beater for the winter so I can keep the ES250 garaged from the Cleveland salt attack!

I am no stranger to the Toyotas, Camrys in particular, especially with the 3SFE. However, the Celica is a bit different, so basically, just wondering if I need to be wary of any problems to look out for on these. Maybe some feedback as to what to do with the car as far as modding it easily, cheaply, and purposefully...

And, you know, since it's cheap and I love a project, if anyone had thoughts on making it kinda... silly? You know, like raise it up, put some big clearance under it for winter driving on taller tires... making it a secret agent car with gadgets built in... I don't know, just thought I'd ask. I'm the kind of "beater decorator" that hooked up christmas lights that went on when I hit the brakes on my last cheap Toyota. I am always up for a fun idea to run with.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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