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Getting HIDs for Fog Lights...

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so im getting HIDs for my Fog Lights. i was told to get the "H11" model, is this right? and i got a black 'rolla, so i decided im gonna go with blue as secondary.

now with the extra money....should i use it on Underglow & Interior Neon OR Blue Tinted Windows OR new rims? (i got like another $800)
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Did you drop your ride??
no, i live in massachusetts anyways so thats the last thing i am probably gonna do. too many damn pot holes and too much snow!
I don't really like blue window tint and I think black window tint plus new rims should make you Corolla look nice!!!
Go Sylvania Silverstar ULTRA NIGHT VISION...

I don't need to do another HID rant. If you want more light get a better bulb.
oh no, these HIDs are gonna be BLUE. like legit BLUE! haha. its just for show, so dont get worried. lol
Please don't get underglow i hate that stuff it looks retarded. If your gonna spend some money get rims and a drop, if you go with TRD springs you shouldn't have a problem with potholes, but the stock wheel gap is just wayyy too much.
hey, I have a black corrola s too, if i were you i get black tint and rims, go with 8k hid for your headlight and leave your foglight the way it is, it look sick that way. That how i did mine and it look sick but am still saving up for new rims.
TRD springs + Pot holes = no worries. I'm in the Toronto Area and we got some MEAN pot holes going on right now. I haven't scrapped once on anything with the TRD Drop.

If you just want the blue look, you know you can get a Blue Tint on your Fog Lense... or even a blue bulb right...
how much are the springs? and how much does it cost to get them installed at the dealership?
ummm noooooooooooooooooooooooo. 8000k for headlights is completely pointless and will give you terrible light output (which is the whole point of getting hids anyway). the most usable light output for hids is 4300k which is the colour temperature that oem hids are.
really? So I should go with 4300k if i want the best light and visability for my car.
how much are the springs? and how much does it cost to get them installed at the dealership?

Cost at the dealer depends on your dealer's labor rates.

Cool scale, by the way.
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