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So I finally picked up a Blacktop and 6-speed combo to swap into my AE92. Ofcourse I'm going to do a full rebuild and some upgrades before I go putting it in.
Getting ready to start gathering up parts and planning out the build.
I want this to be a nice N/A motor for a fun daily. Not likely to ever see a track. Not looking for specific power numbers but I am trying to get the most out of this motor I practically can while staying reliable (remember, daily) and not messing with the original Toyota engineering too much. I have a few questions i thought you guys can help with.

I want to keep the VVT system, but install some bigger cams and up the compression a bit.
Plan is to use a .8mm TRD head gasket to bump up compression ratio to about 11.5:1 from the stock 11:1. Plus maybe shave the head .2mm to get it closer to 12. Which I think would be safe enough with a proper tune for 93 octane.
My question is, how big of a cam can I safely go with while keeping VVT and effectively lowering my head 1mm without valves hitting pistons and all the fun that follows. Perhaps the valve reliefs in the pistons can be cut deeper. I plan on using new OEM Blacktop pistons. Would they have enough meat in 'em to remove the necessary material?
For now I'm thinking of the kelford 194-B set. 270/270 duration and 8.70/8.65mm lift.
I'll be running a standalone ECU, probably Haltech (or any other recommendations?) so getting everything tuned right should be no problem.

I'm going to have a machine shop handle all the decking and add a 3-andgle valve cut. But I want to do a little port work on the head myself. Nothing crazy. Clean up casting imperfections, port match to headers and intake, and generally smooth out and clean up the ports and combustion chamber. Just wondering. Should I do this before or after the machine shop does their thing?
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