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getting ready for my school mode plus some fun... *flame suit on*

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so my school will start on Monday and i heard that its going to rain this weekend. so i decided to change the wheels today.

last look till Summer...

before i change the wheels.

after! j/k!!!!!!!!! LOL! this is just for shits and giggles. i saw my old '89 Tercel 13" wheel just laying around so i decided to see what happens. sucks that the wheels wont fit the front because of the brake caliper...

HOT! i was too lazy to put air in the tire. (yeah, the jack barely touches the bumper lip!)

dang Toyo tires, all i can read from the tire size is 155R13...

so you thought thats all the fun right? WRONG! i found my Tercel spare tire next to the stock ones. LOL!

pure sex!

105/70/D14 tire size.

dang, if i am running this, i will need massive spacers. LOL!

while putting the wheels back into the garage, i roll my SSR by my bro's Work. so i took the pic. looks hot!

so yeah, my school mode...
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lol the Tercel wheel :lol:
You my friend had nothing to do. lol
You my friend had nothing to do. lol
LOL! i starts on Monday and i am trying enjoy my free time the most...
haha looks like something i would do :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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