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Update from last time. They (Toyota of Orlando) replaced the engine. Same model, but different engine.

What happened...

[13:29:11] ME: Any clue what was wrong with the enigine?
[13:30:34] DAD: No... the guess was that whatever prompted them to take it out of the last car (wreck or something) might have caused a hairline fracture in the pushrod/journal ... and it just let loose and drove the piston through the side of the block.
[13:31:18] DAD: Well, the first guess that they were trying to say, was that you did something to abuse the engine... but they couldn't tell me what that was or what could even plausibly cause it.... so I discounted that idea.
[13:31:59] DAD: They didn't argue... they just gave us a replacement engine. (still a used engine, but a different engine nontheless)
(3rd piston was the one that blew)

So I have to get my car back sometime this week. I plan on replacing struts first thing when i get it back.
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