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GI: 4 Falken ZIEX ZE512 - 215/35-18

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Thinking about selling my Falken ZIEX ZE512 - 215/35-18.
I've only had these tires on for a couple months. They're in perfect condition. I only commute 3mi round trip five days a week and on the weekends we take the wagon or I ride a bike. The furthest I've driven on them is 25-30min to the valley and back.
I love em, just want something a little meatier like a 205/40.

Found em online today for +$500 +shipping.

I'll let em go here for $475+ship obo.
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whats the specs of the rim you mounted them on?

n shipping to 96797
Not sure what they'd cost to ship yet as they're still on the car but I'm not gonna jack it up, I'll give you an exact quote from DHL, USPS, UPS and FedEx and you can choose who you want to go with.
I will get you a quote based on the size + the weight stated on Falken's site.

I have them mounted on an 18x8. Falken's site states that 8" is the widest wheel the 215/35 can be mounted to. The stretch I'm getting is minimal but perfect imo. I can take some more pics of them mounted on my rims.
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