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Give Away - Free DirecTV System and Installation

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Basically, how it works: DirecTV is so popular that they give away a system and the installation - all you have to do is sign up to have them for 1 year. Once you have DirecTV, you won't worry about that Cable and the everchanging rates.

Now they are giving away a TiVo, or a DVD Player/Digital Camera. When you sign up, make sure to mention Promo code 7253 (help a fellow TN'er out).
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until 2/28, if you take the offer, you get 3 months of HBO/Cinemax free

you can still get a free system, but now it's only 4 rooms; and standard install is STILL FREE, BUT:

1) get a guaranteed lowest price on a TiVo unit

2) get 50+ premium channels FREE for 3 months: 12 Starz! channels, 3 Cinemax channels, 7 HBO channels, 9 Showtime channels, and 25+ Sports channels.

Click on THIS LINK to get it or call 1 800 315 1722 promo code 7253
1 - 3 of 3 Posts