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Alright everyone, i currently own a 99 Tacoma PreRunner, Xtra cab. My wife and i are expecting our first child in June and I am in the market for a new Double Cab Tacoma. Can any of you that already own the "new body style" tacomas give me any pros/cons? I have read a few "review" sites on the net, and there are a LOT of people talking about starter trouble, bad transmissions, poor gas mileage (out of the blue, after getting good mileage), and some other stuff, but i cant remember them all.

Can some of you tell me about your experiences? I also remember reading about serious frame rust, as well.

Hit me up...big decision coming up.

ALSO, if anyone is interested in purchasing the 99 Taco, let me know, i have pics and all that stuff that i can share, and i will answer ANY questions that you may have about it!

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Ive had no problems what so ever, i am also expecting a child in the next couple of weeks, gas mileage its not that bad if you have a heavy foot like me then it is. pull the trigger and get a new tacoma.
First off, congrats on the new baby!!! :clap: I own an '07 DC TRD Sport and love it. Haven't had any problems with mine. Then again, it's only got 10k miles on it. Gas mileage is pretty good for a 4x4. And plenty of room for a car seat.
Gas mileage is that bad if you don't race it around; no real problems; plenty of room for a car seat (I have an 11 month old). Congrats on the baby!
Well I have an '05 that has been through three new england winters with no frame rust. Just wanted to dispell that rumor.

I have an access cab but my boss bought a DC about 6 months ago. He loves it. He's got three small kids. It's obviously not the family vehicle with threee kids but it gets the job done when he needs to cart them around. The new DC's are pretty roomy and spacious and should give you a good decade of room to grow.

Congrats on the baby.
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