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glow gauges installation

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I just received new glow gauges for my corolla 95/dx and woud like to know how exactly they work , its possible to connectl it to the dimmer control ? will they work ?
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a lot of them have there own dimmer control with them. i think you have to take apart your dash to install it.
It depends on how your kit is made, could you describe or provide pictures of the glow gauges you got?

My friend got some for his Supra, and they included the dimmer switches with the gauges.
Ok !
The gauges are from IZZASPEED , they do not have dimmer control only the converter. the kit is : speed- tach-fuel-temp.
I think the best way is make a test conecting it at dimmer and see what is going on .
I have instructions but nthing about dimmer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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