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Gm is a POS...Video to prove it...

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That guy is complete moron for driving that car in that condition, should have had it towed. Onstar anyone?

But funny nonetheless :lol:
wow i dont blame him, fast car but what can u say it a GM
Sounds like he spun a rod bearing or something, even. But hey, you'll get that with any internal combustion engine when you drive it around with certain afflictions - ignition problem? Lean? Detonation? Yeah, quick way to blow a head gasket too.

I hope GM buys that CTS-V back though :lol:
should have had it pay out of pocket for the rental and have to drive 150 miles back to get the POS later...I'd have driven it till it blew too!
12K on the car and it behaves like this? Yeah, I'd have trashed the fucking thing too...

Wow that sucks...i always liked teh cts-v too.
You don't buy a CTS-V so Grandma Smith can drive to her weekly bingo game at the American Legion Hall.

That LS6 engine should last longer than the car. I say he missed a shift while racing someone and spun a bearing.
Meh, I've blown up 3 22R's. It's not that hard :lol:

Should have had it towed, f-tard :lol:

This may be another one of the reasons Toyota got away from sports cars. Who's to say the guy didn't install a "chip" or overrev the motor as stated above. It's difficult to "believe" the owner when they say the motor blew with 11K on it, especially since the LS series motors have been around, for well, forever :lol:
We're going to start this post by stating that domestic automakers have come a long way in improving the quality and durability of the cars they build. That said, cars are still built on Friday afternoon and every once in a while one not fit for public roads slips out.

Complain about GM....but the General Motors LS engines are extremely reliable. I have never owned a CTS, but I'd say that the problem is probably between the seat and the steering wheel on this one.
Missed a shift and over-reved it....overtightened drain plug...

Either way, I wouldn't drive an expensive car like that if something was wrong with it. I'd have it towed. Muscle cars and sports sedans always get abused, so be careful when you buy that used Vette, Supra, CTS-V, or BWM M3.
if anyone is wondering what happened :

"submitted by cjonesy 4 days ago
score (+2) Just got back from meeting with the District Service Manager. Told them fir st that I wanted the car bought back, said he wouldn't do it since they ha d a final repair attempt (which is true). Went around and around, took my car for a spin so they could hear the exhaust leak.

Here's what he finally offered. They would credit me back 1 month payment and if I have a ny more engine or differential problems in the next 2 years they'll lemon law the car per Georgia guidelines or put me in a new one.

I'm goin g to shoot a video about this next week once my car is fixed. Honestly I t hink this is fair. I did have to twist their arm a bit but Cadillac is sta nding behind the car and I still do enjoy the car and it looks like they'v e found the problem, a wire to the throttle body that was responsible for the engine related problems."
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LOL...that thread is funny as hell.:lol: :lol:

Listen to the symptoms he is describing. Clearly, the guy is a complete idi*t and tool. He misshifted while trying to downshift and went from 6th to like 2nd on the highway and overrevved the engine. It is clear from the engine rattles due to valve float or bent pistons. He made this video to cover up for himself and put all the blame on GM.:disappoin

I suggest before you fanboys start bashing this tool, please look at all the engines that people with Toyotas have blown (I have a video on my desktop of a guy blowing up a MK4 Supra single turbo engine and running even crappier than this afterwards until it died). In 00 and 01, there were tons of young teenagers overreving the 2ZZ-GE Celica GTS up to 12,000 rpm and blowing up the engines. No company is perfect and they get their share of tools behind the steering wheel.

That is true, that lately Toyota engines do not blow up much and are extremely reliable. No wait! you must have a silly manual transmission to blow up an engine and Toyota does not make any high powered engine with a manual transmission.:rolleyes:
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he was pissed, i would do the same.

although.. hilarious.
old story, thats nothing more than an electrical issue.
yay one more domestic OFF the road
silver04rollas said:
That is true, that lately Toyota engines do not blow up much and are extremely reliable. No wait! you must have a silly manual transmission to blow up an engine and Toyota does not make any high powered engine with a manual transmission.:rolleyes:
Yes. The only reason Toyota engines are not blowing up and are more reliable is because they don't use the manual transmissions much...

Bravo............ BRAVO.......... :clap::clap: :disappoin

North America (USA) is the only place I have seen most auto transmissions. If you visit Europe, the middleast, Far East.......... mostly all manuals. Even Land Cruisers come in manual.............. Those guys all love the durability of their Toyotas and they are all manuals.
To counter some comments made earlier: How do you over-rev an engine with an electronic limiter? Or is Cadillac too cheap to install one in one of their high-performance models? :confused:

The fact that the manufacturer is replacing the car suggests he did not alter the electronics or do other stupid mods.

^ revlimter/fuel cut can only do so much they can stop in engine spining at 2000rpm in sixth...into 2nd at w/e the rev limter is. Im not exactly sure how to explain this maybe some else can...:)
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