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Going to buy amp today... quick question

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okay, i have a Alpine SWR-1241D sub, and for now, im just gunna stick with one sub. out of the following amps, which would let my sub hit as hard (or almost as hard) as it is capable of...

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how many ohms is your sub?

well if you have just one sub, i'd bridge the power to get more wattage. so look at the bridged power ratings and pick one based on your sub's capable max power rating

300RMS, 1000W max.

So ud think i should bridge the OV2-820 maybe? id be getting 980W max that way? what about RMS>
nothing less then the 520, nothing more then the 820.
OMG here we go again! 4+4 will give you 8 ohms, so the 520 brigded will NOT give you 520 watts only 260, change your sub to a dual 2 ohm and you will get 520 watts then. Please not you are looking at Max rating and not RMS rating, so you your sub will see less power than what they are posting.
sorry eddiem87, but i just needed to post again, causse the last thread got all cluttered, and i just wanted soem final advice. :confused:
get a mono amp that's 2 ohm stable and will put out 600w RMS at 2 ohms.

if you must get one of those, get the second to last one.
the amp should have the top 25% power of the other words your sub is 1000W peak, so rule of thumb is look for an amp 750W and up...although you could prob. go down to 600 since this sub is 300W RMS
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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