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The assumption is that there is a lot of crud in the engine, so if it has been over a thousand miles since the last oil change, change the oil and filter first, add the cleaner, and drive it about 300 miles, hopefully highway miles so that it gets hot and stays there. change the filter and add a pint of oil, drive another 3-400 miles and then change the oil and filter again. Cut the filters open and take a look at the filter material to see what crud it did in fact loosen up and clean out. If the filters are dirty, change the filter and add a pint of oil again in about a thousand miles to harvest any residual crud. I really don't think this is going to resolve your VVTi problem. Once the thing is clogged up it usually requires some elbow grease to clean the filter, but this is certainly easier and if it works, report back.
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