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Good Article about painting rims for the cheap bastards...

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nice find:thumbup:

should definitly be in the FAQ
I was just thinking about doing that....:D
cool find.
that dude did a great job...
I love how he didn't go totally ghetto and he did grab the clear to go on top of it!
That's a very nice find.:thumbup:
I was expected a link to a honda-tech thread :D Nice find :thumbup:
i wonder how those rims are as of today. cause what im thinking is that when it gets real hot or during horrible weather, the paint would suffer and cause to damage somehow =|

but its a nice job to do if your poor :D
I painted my mazda millenia rims with Duplicolor charcoal color paint (basically gunmetal) and it's been almost one year now that I've had them on and no chips or scratches yet, and it's been through a full Canadian winter also! I had the rims sandblasted by the machine shop that bored out the centers, then I primed them with sandable primer, then did the coats of paint, finished off with clearcoat.
I have been contemplating this for a LONG time. My problem is serious curb rash. You can kind of see it on the front wheel in this pic:

It's not just scratches. On one wheel it is DEEP gouges from where I ramped the wheel (not the tire) up onto a steep curb(the wheel bulges in the center) and it sliiid back down. How can I repair the deep scratches?? Layers of primer??

I might just paint over them at thins point...
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^ you could also try to take a dremel to the rims to try to sand some of the curb rash out that isn't too deep...that worked well for me on my BBS rims i custom painted myself.

one thing that i did was use airplane brand paint remover that you can get at pep boys, etc to properly remove every bit of the clear coat, base coat & primer. i built up the primer, base coat & clear coat then all myself sanding in between layers to ensure an even coat. the tutorial i read was a guy that custom painted his porsche BBS rims and he used the airplane brand paint remover as well....just a thought if the clear coat doesn't come off too easily.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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