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Good cloth seat cleaner?

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Can anyone recommend a good cleaner to use on cloth seats? They are grey seats with brown stains that look to be either old mud or coffee.

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i use 409 ... spray the whole seat not just sections or else your gona get one REALLY clean spot and it's going to look bad. after you spray the seat scrub a little and try to clean out what you can with a moist rag.
I would start with water and what doesn't come out that way spray with simple green.
Another good one that I always use is Armor All Multi Pupose Cleaner. Worked for getting the Coke stain out of tan cloth seats.
I use this stuff that's named Kaboom ( I think that's the name) that I saw some guys used when they came to clean my furniture. This stuff work great.
cant go wrong with greased lightning
I know deatailers who use WET VAC's. Whenever i rent a carpet steamer , i do my mats as well. Hence, i'd say vacumm first and then steam clean them!
i work for a car dealership, and we use soapy water and a big shop vac. I have never had a stain i couldn't get out. That could be a good slogan for something.:D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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