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Reclining gear in my '97 Camry driver seat went bad ... searched teh intrawebz and found selling used parts ... apparently it's just a front end for a network of salvage yards ... anyway ... was a little leery about buying something sight unseen but wasn't going to drive all over South Jersey visiting junkyards ... found exactly what I needed, a manual seat (from a 2001 LE auto) in beige ... $178 plus $150 (!) shipping (freight) ... $235 OTD ... was listed as five stars in quality/condition and comes with a 1 year warranty (not sure what that means) ... anyway, it arrived today, took about a week from the salvage yard in Texas ... not happy with how it was secured to the pallet (cinched down w/straps that deformed the foam slightly and covered in a garbacge bag that nearly fell off) ... and there were some grease marks I had to remove ... but overall it's in perfect condition, no foul smells, rips or tears ... everything works ... I'm very happy, it is in better condition than the seat it replaced (no doubt since the car has 210,000 miles.)

Words of advice ... dealing with these people is a bit frustrating ... phones are always either busy or they don't pick up and they ask you to leave a message ... don't do it, just keep dialing until you get a human. If you are getting something that ships via freight, be sure you tell them to pack it securely ... BTW if you order something that does NOT go via freight (the really big stuff) SHIPPING IS FREE. Just wanted to share to hopefully help out another user on here.

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