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Good job Avalon, brother walked away from this one.

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Woman tried to beat him on her left turn as he was going straight through the intersection. Pushed him over the curb into the pole.

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WOW thats intense, the side airbags in the 98 would have been helpful in that one... looks like there were a lot of forces involved in this wreck.
lol same with my brother but like 2x worse... my brother was caught in a race with a vette in his 01 gs-r and totaled it doing 135.... he didnt break a single bone!
That's crazy. Glad to see he is ok. Any chance you can rehost the ones that aren't here anymore? I want to see the damage it took.
ditto... poor avy. at least you did you duty and protected your owner
There you go, rehosted.

The car is sitting in the driveway at home awaiting inspection. The other driver had insurance, but was exempted from driving the car she drove, soooooooooooooooo crappy situation. Has to go through our uninsured motorist, which is only $3500, and KBB says the Avalon is worth about $4900. If so, we get paid the $3500, I keep the car.

The 1MZ-FE will be coming out to be transplanted into my MKI MR2. Fun fun.

Some pics before the crash. And also the MR2 the engine will be going into.

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