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Well i recently brought in my camry to have a total check up on the whole vehicle. I had to fix...

2 disk in front
4 brake pads
parking break wire (for some reason it snapped and it cause my braking pads to wear off extremely fast and when i mean fast i mean FAST... 50% left in my pad... i didnt know about the issue and in 2 months it went to 0% left. Talk about safety :disappoin )

But in the time being i also told the mechanics to check my fuses and wires and when it was all complete I got a car wash and etc. That night when i turn on my pure blue bulbs which i bought off eBay it turn to EXTREME high beam pure blue lights. Now i dont have HID kit installed but with these bulbs it look like i did. I never had this effect before when i brought in the camry in to fix. It was a white with tint of blue. But after the car fixing it turned into pure blue. I dunno if the mechanics did something with my wires but they sure did a good job :D now i no longer need to get a HID kit... lol i have my own personal HID bulbs that is pure bright blue just like the luxury cars!
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