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Don't think this has been posted, (trust me I did Search).....

I was at Borders the other day looking at magazines, pretty much something to read while I was on the can at home, and ran into a magazine called 4WD Toyota Owner.. had some great articles, excellent pictures and good parts reviews.. the current issue has the Demello Off-Road Tacoma on the cover, and a good column on lift's and manufacturer reviews inside... here's the website for some information..

hopefully this will be some good news for some of you ... and some decent reading material while on the can ahahaha..


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That magazine is old was decent...I have the very first few copies of that magazine. It was just so shitty because they only released every couple months, and it was right around new FJ release time so there was lots of stuff about that.

It's an allright magazine...but I haven't picked up a magazine in forever
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