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for all of you who love ats racing do not be offended, but this is all the crap ive been through the past two months. October 28, my car started leaking alot of oil and white smoke was coming out of my exhaust, i found out it was my turbo oil seals, so i decided to replace the whole thing with an ats ct27 not knowing how much shit i had to go through. i took off my turbo the next day and sent it off to ats, after i already purchased my ct27, after e-mailing them they told me that it would be shipped out the beggining of next week, no.
three weeks goes by and i still have no turbo, i finally called ats and they told me that they had to inspect the turbo it takes close to 30 days.(what!) my first response was that it takes a month to inspect a turbo. gimme a break. so they ship it out the following week, i get the turbo, but its missing its actuator and primary cat elbow(there response to this was: you didn't send us your actuator so we assumed you already had one.....what!??!? and people always use the new downpipe and never use the original primary cat elbow. so another week goes by and im here writing this thread because im pissed that im looking at a used actuator and downpipe that i paid an additional $75 for the actuator and $150 for the downpipe(they look at least 5 years old) but im so fed up with this that im going to install it and end this. but ats will never get my buisness again.
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