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Good Year Tire's anyone

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What kind of luck has everyone been having with tires on there vans.
I have a 2004 and put on new Good Year assurance thriple tread tires.
A 80000 mile tire lasted 40000 miles?
Should i call Good Year
Installed 11/06
My mechanic said that the belts seperated and are out of round.
They are very noisy now and fronts won't pass inspection
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Geez, I almost got these. Tire Rack had very good reviews.

I would contact mfg, especially if belts separated at that mileage. Assuming you rotated every 5M and kept properly inflated, balanced, and aligned. Be prepared for the fight in those areas.

Regarding luck with tire on this van, I am now going on my 3rd set of tires at 68M miles on my '04. OEM's replaced at 25M and the Uniroyal Tiger Paw are now toast. So not sure if the van is simply tough on tires or driving habits.

Up next: Michelin Hydroedge.

I had a set of Michelin Harmony tires on my '04 Sienna. They lasted around 45,000. They were rated at 80,000. The tire dealer said he had seen people get 80,000 out of those tires and he didn't know why they wore so quickly. I wonder if the Sienna is just hard on tires.
I am thinking the same thing that tey are hard on tries due to all weight in front of van and back end very light.
i am on my second set of Michelin Harmony tires, got 64K on the first set, they had some sidewall cracking but plenty of tread left.

They ride and drive good so I went with a second set.

Hard to beat 64K with the start/stop driving we do.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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