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goodbye camry 56k death

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Well, I traded in my 1998 camry with 192,xxx miles on it for a 1996 4runner. My camry had been though a lot with me, more that I want to admit (I've put it though hell at times but it's always run strong). The thing I'll miss the most is the gas mileage :sosad: but I needed to move on.
The 4runner is a 1996 v6, 4x4, auto with 149,xxx. The only two things that I don't care for is that it's black and its an automatic (but that's probable better for me so I don't screw it up while wheeling). The list price was 8995 but I had been it contact with the fleet manager and we walked out the door at 5000 (after trade and taxes, origanl they got it for 6085 and had work done to it so it bought the total up to 6500 not including taxes/fees's). Mods will have to wait for a bit until I get some money saved up because I'm just starting a new job. Here are some pictures of it, no wheeling ones yet!! :D

Here are some pictures of my old camry:sosad: So no clean pictures but we all know what a clean camry looks like.
cross country trip

Me and my 4runner :D

The tires on it are yokohama geolander and i have no idea how good those are (came with the car)
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Nice truck...looks clean. The dashboard looks simular to a 3rd Gen Camry.

Never drove they have good power?
my bro's in-laws had the same truck with a TRD SC.... freakin fast, but drinks a lot of gas... tires look good imo.. wat can i say, it's yokohama :p
thanks for the reply guys. one quick question the 3 disc cd changer is giving me an error code 1 and an error code 2 (I have a cd in it). does any one know how to fix this problem so i can get my cd back?? or a least a site to go to .

by the way I have the clear rear corner lights for 1997-99 camry if anyone is interested,
The 4runner is looking nice and I love them in black. IMO thats the best color for 'em. If I could afford one I surely would.
a welcome upgrade if I do say so
I love my 4runner
hate the gas mileage

I personally think the Yoko Geolander are the best all season, road oriented tires you can buy.
ill try again, how much did they give u on the trade?
too as much as I would've liked 2100
nice new used car.

the geolandars are a good series from yokohama tires.
i'm not sure the exact model you got but from the looks of it you got the tire more aimed towards off road than highway (and a little off road). still not bad, but i dont think they help with road noise or gas mileage.

enjoy your 4 runner.
5VZ powah...:lol:...Now get a supercharger...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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