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Goodbye to my taco

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I own a 2005 4 door 4x4 taco 6MT. This past sunday morning i was coming back from a ski trip in vermont, driving on rt 89S in NH. It was snowing, but i had turned off 4wd since the right lane, which i was driving in, was just wet, not snowy or icy.

Not 5 minutes later, i come off the gas a little too quickly, and start turning sideways. 10 years of doing donuts in parking lots, throwing my self into spins, and catching them, did absolutely nothing. Even though i know how to catch myself from a slide like that, when it really counted, i did the exact opposite of what i knew i should have done.

Instead of hammering the clutch and letting go of the wheel, letting the car's momentum straighten itself out, I jack the brakes, and cut the wheel to the right. When the wheels finally do catch, I find myself in a spin that i have no chance of getting out of. I was doing 60 mph, spinning, heading to a ditch off to the right of the road, with a granite rock wall beyond it.

I dont' remember anything after the first impact, but once the car came to a halt, i opened my eyes and walked away. The taco's seen better days, I rolled it pretty good, but it did it's job well. I walked away from a pretty horrific accident.

The trooper who came to the scene told me that in his 30 years of being a cop, he's never seen a car that rolled as often as the 05+ tacomas. I don't know if i believe him, but for what it's worth...

Ended up with just a slight concussion, a few bruises, and a few strained neck muscles. Not too bad considering how twisted the taco ended up.

I enjoyed the 14 months i had my taco, but i'm not going to get another. I'm staying in the Toyota family, but i'm getting an 07 FJ Cruiser 6mt TRD, black, with all the trimmings.

Good reading...and stay safe. Seatbelts save lives. Don't drink and drive. Eat your broccli. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

The taco didn't drive too well on it's side....
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WOW! :eek:

glad your safe man!
Wow..glad to hear you are okay. Any more pics?
i have 2 more pics, but none of them are uploaded anywhere. can't host them here, can i?
wow, i'm glad you're alright. nice choice on next vehicle.....i'm proud of you. :) that'd be my next pick....stay safe
Head on over to and host them there. Glad you made it OK....
you can upload the pics in the gallery here for free. the gallery link is at the top of the page in the red bar.
Thats intense Tim. Glad to hear your ok. I was involved in an accident myself last year. Pretty traumatizing I think...I didn't feel like driving for a while after the accident but I eventually got over it. Hope you enjoy the FJ!
sounds pretty bad. glad no one was seriously injured. i definitely want to see some more pics
glad ur alright and the taco keeped u safe man
all this happenned on just wet roads?? did it start sliding only cuz it was wet, tires worn?? why do you think it went out from under you??thank god youre ok
did you have any sand in the back of the truck? the fact is, because of the composite bed, it's light as hell back there without sand or 15 pairs of stockli skis so im not surprised if the trooper has seen a few tacomas roll. the key is sand or some other weight.

glad you are OK.

beef, it's what's for dinner
glad you walked away okay... way to stay in the toyota family... i might not want another taco if i was you either... want to sell any bed cleats???
glad you're ok man... material possesions you can always replace
glad your ok. It kinda struck me as funny to see the OFF ROAD sticker and a wrecked tacoma. Dont get me wrong ... I hope you guys know what im trying to say. Is it irony ?
:eek: Lets have a moment of silence for the dearly departed :sosad: :disappoin ... Glad your alright Tim.:)
Another example of why Toyota should make the traction control STANDARD and not an almost impossible to get option. Same with side air bags.:disappoin

Glad your OK
wow that sux least u made it the way u write very well ...felt like i was reading a story there....good luck with the fj
My condolences to your Taco. Glad that you're alright after that bad accident!!!
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