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got my Turbo Mainfold!

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just came in the mail!! it looks grate.. needs to be resurfaced but all the runers are realy clean with almost no carbon on any of them... im going to port it out a bit and smooth as much as i can get my die grinder on... any insight into this is welcome.
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so i take it you are trying to make a 5sfte...thats awesome dude hope it works out for you man
YEp 5s-FTE Boro Rocket to be Exact.

the plan is to use a Single Entry CT26 and an Aftermarket Down pipe. Front mounted intercooler. and if i have the funds and time.. cold air intake. im shoting for 200WHP
good luck with that man keep us informed:thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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