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Got pics of aftermarket head unit install?

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Hey guys! I'm in the market for a single din head unit to replace my damaged factory head unit. Please show off your pics here. I'd love see what some of you guys are rocking!! I'm looking to spend around $200. Can't wait.


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please do a search. this type of thread isn't necessary. this has been discussed to death.

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Why are there so many thread bashers here. What's the big deal? I'm new here...
I've searched the entire site and gen 5+ forum for "pics of aftermarket headunit"...
Not much is out there.
please do a search. this type of thread isn't necessary. this has been discussed to death.

ouch. poor horse.

SERIOUSLY! I don't need a DIY. And I have SEARCHED. Alot. I'm really just trying to see what a few different aftermarket, single din head units would look like in my 09 Camry. In terms of 'sleekness'...Interface colors matching the HVAC controls...Goofiness....and what not.

WOW! If my post did not interest you why would you read it.
AND. I bet if someone with a million posts (no-lifer) would've replied with a couple of pics of his aftermarket single din head unit...

The rest of you cheerleaders wouldn't have gang-banged my post.
I gave you that link because i don't know of anyone that has a single din. I tried to help you by giving you a link to one of the best threads about aftermarket DVD/Nav instalation. Those that have been on TN for a while have been through a lot of the same threads weather be it suspension, exhausts or in your case head units. That's why everyone get's annoyed when new people come in and don't even try to find old threads.
Thanks, bro. You did actually try to help. The frustrating part is that I did several searches (actually found the post u referenced) and kept coming up blank on what I was *actually* looking for...Pictures of aftermarket single din head unit installs....Which is what my topic was about...Not DIY's...Or anything other than a few pics of some head units installed in our dash.

Thanks again.
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