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Got rear Leaf TSB done and have regrets anyone want to swap for their 3 leaf pack....

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I got the rear TSB done and I think it rides a little high for my liking. I did not think they would lift me as much as they did. I have a little remorse.
If anyone in the Vegas area would like to swap their 3 leaf pack off their DC let me know.
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why not just get some 5100's to level it out a bit, the leafs with sag a little aswell.
whoops didn't realize you have icons already lol sorry bout that.
Yeah I did lift them up to 2 inches of lift, I had them sagged out to about 1.8 before. I liked how they rode better when I had less preload on them. This is why I want to go back to my original leafs. I like how it is riding now in the rear though, but the front handling better is more important for me than the rear handling better.
I was actually going to make an new thread today about the rear TSB. :rolleyes: I have it done and am so glad. I hauled about 1/2 ton of top soil today and had hardly any sag. The springs will definitely settle in time, just give them a chance. I wouldn't go back.
You change your setup like once a week :lol:
This guy can't make up his mind. I think you need to trade in your truck and get a car. Good luck.
i have had more of these tacomas than the 2 of you combined, there is very little that is great for these trucks. now that my Donahoes are breaking in, they are starting to ride better, same with my TSB rear springs I guess. I just would like to be able to lose 1/2 of height in the front and 3/4 in the rear. This would make me dead level. I guess I will wait a couple weeks and see how it unfolds with settling
Why is it too much to ask to get a truck that rides great at the height you want. For $30,000 plus I would think that is not a tall order.
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