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Got stuck?

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after getting in a hole this weekend i've decided to do some swaps. First off is a straight front axle. Then a bigger set of tires with more grip. Then possibly a 5.3 or 6.0 chevy with efi. I'm thinking of using chevy axle's also. Since the tires already stick out pretty far with the stock setup I believe the chevy axle's will work if I get the right backspacing on new wheels. Anybody done something like this before? Pics in the gallery. It's the green reg cab that is sunk. Can't miss it.
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save ypur money and learn to weld if you cant already, other than that its simply a matter of gettin the parts in hand. ive done a lift on an 84 with a straight axle and i helped a buddy put 10 bolt chevy axles under an 82. if you can measure, cut , weld and grind metal its a ddd! (done deal dude)
Yeah i can weld pretty good. Parts aren't a prob cause of the local junkyard. $ is a little tight so i'm working on a budget. Is there a sticky on here for v8 swaps? Anybody not like the swap after the fact. I've found a site that sells a unit to attach the chevy 4l60e auto trans to the stock yota transfer case. It is about $600. Will the yota case handle the v8 with around 300hp and 36" mud grips. If not i'll go with the chevy transcase. Either way I'll be at about the same price I believe.
it must be one pretty big hole if i were you i would just get a set of TSL 34-9.50's i have a 33-10.50 bfg and i put them boys with the big wide tire to shame weathe they have swampers or not in the mud the taller and skinner the better. if you dont do much rock crawling then you reall dont need a straight axle just get you a set of tall skinnys. trust me you can go any where with the yota then mud is no match
:lol: whats next straight pipes a budweiser belt buckle and jeff gordon paint scheme, save yourself the time and just leave a toyota a toyota, besides chevys are un reliable anyways :smokin:
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