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Got the Camry

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I picked up the camry this morning. Great so far. I got a 08 sev6 in magnetic grey with ash leather, sunroof, lip, and nav.
I had to say goodbye to my mustang that i have been working on for the past 6 of 9 years. Im going to miss the hell out of it, but time to grow up.

Anyways... Anyone read that Encyclopedia-o-navigation manual. Good god. I just thumbed through it here at work and it took me an hour to do that. any pointers with the nav system?

Also I hooked up my mp3 player to it and it sounds like absolute CRAP!!
anyone else have this problem?
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did you balance the volume on your mp3 player with the volume on the factory stereo? i have my ipod hooked up to my stereo, and if the volume on one or the other is set too loud it sounds like crap.
congrats on ur purchase!

let the modding begin... :)
Get some pics up, what's that spoiler looking like that you were asking bout.
:thumbup: Congrats on your purchase and welcome to TN.

You can never go wrong by getting rid of a Mustang. ;)
Congratulations on the purchase. Was that the aux stereo jack that you were talking about? I use mine with an ipod and it sounds more than decent. Thats strange.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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