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1990 Toyota Camry
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Ok, My 1990 Camry has been down for a while because I haven't had the time or the correct weather to mess with it. She sputters and dies in traffic and I noticed when cold outside the dash lights would come on and she would Idle real low and try to die. I wasn't getting a good solid spark before so I replaced ALL the ignition components and now she's getting a good solid spark and running but she's still dying. I've seafoamed and cleaned the IAC as well as the EGR not too long ago. Anyone have any ideas? I'm not sure what to check next. Vacuum hoses are all good too btw. :headbang:

1990 Toyota Camry LE
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What year?
What engine?
Manual or Automatic?
Trim level?

Also, save yourself a lot of headache and go have your battery and alternator tested. Check your ground cable for corrosion and proper fit.

Make sure your Engine are filter is alright and there are no obstructions in the intake tube

I would double check your ignition timing. Jump two pins in the connector and then set it to 10 degrees BDC I believe but look that up

There is an idle adjustment screw you could adjust after you set your timing. if none of that fixes it, I would get a small can of propane that you would use for a small torch. Then start your car and let it idle rough while someone else opens the propane into the intake. If your idle smooths out than I would suspect a weak fuel pump or clogged injector or something.

If there is no noticeable difference then I would start looking at spec'ing out things like Air flow sensor, coolant temp sensor
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