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Grande - Woograin Insert Removal?

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I've got a 1996 Vienta Grande which comes standard with woodgrain door trim inserts on each door, and around the AT transmission console to match..

I cant stand it, it looks so out of place, as theres nothing even remotley close to that color on the whole car.

I'd like to remove all woodgrain strips on each door, and possibly around the transmission stick and spray them black or something. anything away from the wood color.

How can i remove these?
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i removed mine within the week i bought my car. i used a heat gun to remove the wood grain followed by some goo-gone to remove the remaining adhesive. just dont get the surrounding area too hot to melt the plastic. i think it was all removed within an hour.
well for the woodgrain on the door trim, i'd say it is either double-sided taped onto it or screwed from the other side of the panel....i know that the woodgrain was an option on the grande...most grande's i see dont have the woodgrain door trim but still have the slightly different door panel......ill have a look at mine tomorrow to try and see....

as for the woodgrain around the transmission i have removed it previously. from memory you remove the plastic from around the gearstick and then you can use a screwdriver with something around the tip to try and gently pry around the outside of the guessing someone else can help you there as its been years since i did it....

if you wanted to spray the transmission insert black id instead just go to a wreckers and take that part out of a lower model camry (i think that pre 95 models had silver around the transmission console while the 95- had it in black).
I thought the Woodgrain inserts on the door are screwed on? Your saying you removed them with a glue gun? So i wouldnt have to take the door trim off and look for screws?
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe the US Camrys had those woodgrain strips above the door arm rest. Some of the grandes didn't have those woodgrain strips Attached so I'm guessing they are taped to the panel...although they still might be screwed from the backside.
I pried mine off with a screwdriver...then used goo-gone on the rest. Whole process took about 2 hours.

I agree, the wood grain is nasty looking.
Cool, i just wanted to know if it was screwed on, becuase it was my original plan to prye it off with a screwdriver, but i couldnt get it off unless i applied a whole heap of force, which lead me to believe that it may be screwed on. But now that i know its only glued, ill give it a shot tomorow. I'm actually planning to spray them black instead of the ugly wood color and stick them back, so goo-gone wont be a necessity.

Thanks man.
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