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Hi Folks,

I've purchased three new Toyotas in the last ten years and I'm happy to now be a member of TN.

I traded in my Dodge Dakota in October, 1998 and bought my first new Toyota in Urbana, IL. I really enjoyed my Tacoma and had it until August, 2006 when I traded it for a Mustang GT Convertible.

1998 Tacoma PreRunner, 4cyl., AT

My second new Toyota was acquired in Tallahassee, FL when I traded in my wife's 1994 Camaro Z28 in October, 2001. She is still driving her Camry to this day and it has about 78,000 miles. It's a great car and we love it.

2002 Camry XLE, 4cyl., AT

With an insurance check in hand and in the market to replace the aforementioned Mustang GT, I decided I needed a car that fit me, my needs, my budget and would get 30mpg. In December, 2007 I bought my new Vibe in Carbondale, IL.

2008 Vibe base, AT, Scion tC wheels


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