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Hello from the Gateway to the West and home of the Cards. Even though I signed up for this site several months ago I never formally introduced meself. I have owned Toyota vehicles continuously for 18 years now. Here they are in order:

1981 Corolla, owned 1 year, 5-speed, white 2-door - I hated this
car since it has no power but it got good mpg

1989 pickup, owned 11 years, base model, 22R (carb), 4-speed manual, a/c, no power options at all - This was the best vehicle I ever owned. I sold it to
my best friend and it now has over 250k on the clock.

1997 Camry LE, owned 2 months, 4 cylinder - nice looking car but it got T-boned on the driver side by an Audi A4. Though it was still drivable the damage slightly exceeded the wholesale value. Verdict - TOTALED

1998 Camry LE, owned 4+ plus years, V-6 - not as nice looking as my previous model but much better performance with the silky smooth, quiet and powerful V-6 and nice 4-wheel disc brakes. Now has 130k but white paint is badly faded.

I don't do any mods and I drive 'em a little hard but I am a stickler for routine maintenance and anything that wears out or fails. My Toyota's have all been daily driver workhorse types of vehicles. In my opinion Toyota's are overall much better than average and hard to beat for the money. You get what you pay for.

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Well, that's okay, I don't mind giving a belated :welcome: to Toyota Nation! I've got lots of family in St. Louis myself, and am going back this September for another visit. I agree with you, Russ, about the elevator...the last time I rode up it was on a hot summer day and the air conditioning was out! :ugh3: Anyway, glad to have such a dedicated owner online with us....

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